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Vapour Blasting Services Sydney

What is Vapor Blasting and How Does it Work? Vapor blasting is increasingly becoming a preferred technique of surface refinishing process for unique applications that need premium quality surface finish. Using a balanced combination of water, detergents and compressed air, vapor blasting helps remove oxidization and corrosion, thus restoring all types of metal components, parts […]


Wet Blasting Services Sydney

When Do You Need Wet Blasting? The correct surface preparation is indispensable regarding the success of any kind of protective coating or bonding process. Hence, the significance of getting rid of surface contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, old coatings, residues and oxidation cannot be overemphasized. Partial or deficient removal of surface deposits on previously […]


Hydro-Blasting Services Sydney

Why Do You Need Hydroblasting Services?  Dirty pipes, soiled equipment and clogged tanks in any industrial estate are always a hassle to deal with. They not only choke business processes causing either overflows or costly damages on the materials, but also lead to work delays by disrupting daily operations. Even more so, dirty pipes and […]


Aqua Blasting Services Sydney

Aqua Blasting Cleaning Solutions Wet blasting or vapor blasting, better known as aqua blasting, is a proven cleaning solution for the surface preparation of a range of metal alloys. The technique of aqua blasting is commonly applied in the gentle cleaning of: Crank cases and gearboxes; Blocks, carbs and cylinder heads; Barrels, brackets and side […]


Mobile Abrasive Blasting Sydney NSW

Soda Tec delivers a safe and extremely effective way for large surface preparation task that you might have thought was physically impossible. Using Abrasive Blasting Methods we remove anything using state of the art Abrasive Blasting equipment that delivers results like you have never seen before. Our Surface Restoration process is environmentally safe because we […]

Surface Preparation

Soda Tec Surface Preparation experts, removing Painted Lines, Graffiti, Grease from surfaces such as Concrete, Fibreglass, Asphalt, Sandstone, Brick/Pavers and much more. Affordable Surface Restorations and we will come to you with our advanced Industrial Blasting equipment for a no mess, no toxic smell experience. The entire process is managed in the most professional way, […]


Soda Blasting Company Near Me

Mobile Dustless Blasting, Soda Blasting Experts using state of the art machinery to restore large surface areas fast and cost effectively. Our Surface Restoration Process is also Eco Friendly and is why our Abrasive Blasting service continues to grow. Soda Tec help you restore just about anything you can imagine, without damaging, or affecting the […]