We often receive calls from local business owners and even from the manager at Sydney’s Transportation Department to help them with graffiti removal.  There is nothing more infuriating than to have crude messages spray painted one’s property.  In fact, Sydney’s Monorail system had to take one of their cars offline because they didn’t want to display the vandal’s artwork.   Check out how well our soda blasting removed the graffiti off that car.

You can imagine how happy that manager was when he learned that we could get graffiti paint off without destroying the underlying painted advertisement.  Using a sand blaster for graffiti removal would certainly have done the job, but it also would have destroyed the advertisement. Getting that Monorail’s car repainted would have been an additional expense the city incurred.  Using Soda Tec soda blasting system meant saving that expense from the county coffers.

When you need paint removed as in automobile restoration or graffiti removal, but need to do so without damaging the main structure, soda blasting is an ideal solution.  If you use traditional forms of paint strippers for automobile restoration, you know it’s a chemical nightmarish mess.  Sand blasting can damage the auto’s body.

Soda blasting offers a cleaner and safer method for removing paint and graffiti.  Soda blasting will remove the paint preparing the car’s exterior for a new paint job.   Our proprietary system is used for graffiti removal, but we also use the same technology to strip paint off cars.

You may be wondering how you can use soda blasting in your business.  Chances are we can help you out.   Give us a call today for graffiti removal or other soda blasting services in Sydney, NSW and surrounding communities. Call 0407 070 464.