Sandstone Cleaner

Non-Abrasive Sandstone Cleaner Gentle, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made up of various mineral particles and rock fragments. It is commonly used as paving for indoor and outdoor walkways, construction stone for buildings and is used in the production of glass.

Despite its rough exterior, sandstone is a porous material. It is prone to degradation caused by spilled cooking oil, grease, food, beverages and harsh chemicals. Acidic chemical cleaners and high-pressure hoses can also weaken the structural integrity of the sandstone.

If you’re looking for a gentle and non-toxic way to restore the natural beauty of your sandstone – soda blasting is an effective alternative.

Benefits of Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is the process of etching or removing contaminates from the surface with specially-formulated materials, which is released through a blast nozzle by means of compressed air.

This practice is synonymous with harsh metal stripping and the use of abrasive sand or other materials. However, Soda-Tec takes a different approach by using specially-formulated sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Without the need for water, the non-abrasive formula is released onto the surface to make contact with the contaminants and trigger a powerful chemical response that causes them to ‘lift’ from the surface.

The end result is a beautifully restored surface that looks just like its original self – only better.

What We Offer

Soda-Tec is a team of industry professionals with years of experience treating all kinds of sandstone from quartz to feldspar and lithic fragments. The team uses their knowledge of these sandstone classes to provide the most suitable level of care based on your specific needs.

With a careful use of air pressure, Soda-Tec gently removes all kinds of stains without damaging or changing the appearance of the surface. From dirt to grime and oil, grease, paint, mould, moss and harsh chemicals – you can say goodbye to them all.

Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial projects, Soda-Tec provides a complete restoration service for any indoor and outdoor setting. With minimal preparation and clean-up, you can keep business going as usual and rest easy knowing the area will be ready to use straight away.

Our team are fully licensed, insured and experienced for peace of mind.

  • Non-abrasive sandstone cleaning
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for all classes of sandstone
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