Flood Damage and Fire Restoration

Quick and No Fuss Flood Damage Cleaning and Fire Restoration

If you have had the misfortune of experiencing flood, fire, smoke damage then soda blasting is the perfect restoration solution that can be used to restore surfaces back to their original condition without causing additional damage.

Soda Blasting is excellent for flood damage cleaning and fire restorations as the Dustless Blasting process uses little or no water, and as a natural deodoriser, the soda bi-carbonate eliminates any odours.

Soda Tec brings with them thousands of hours worth of experience to ensure all surfaces are managed how you need them. Whether you are needing to restore large surface areas back to new or an item requires deep cleaning Soda Tec will deliver the best solution for you.

For fast quoting – send us a photo of what you need done so we can provide an accurate quote right away.