Swimming Pool Renovation with Soda Blasting

Swimming pool renovation that is environmentally safe and affordable.

Tearing out and rebuilding an in-ground swimming pool is cost prohibitive to most home owners. Of course, looking at an empty pool that you can’t use isn’t appealing. We offer swimming pool renovation services and pool resurfacing. Sometimes pools just need a refresh of the interior finish. In order to achieve the best results, soda blasting strips the paint and residue from the interior walls of the swimming pool. This process is done using an environmentally friendly soda blasting process.

Swimming Pool Restorations without Chemicals

One of the biggest concerns expressed by our clients is the negative impact to the landscaping and local environment that chemical paint stripping involves. Sand blasting is extremely destructive to fiberglass and is not a viable solution for those types of pool liners.

Soda blasting provides an environmentally sound alternative to sand blasting or chemical paint stripping methods. Below are some situations where soda blasting was used to renew the appearance and interior walls of established swimming pools:

  • New home buyer inherited neglected pool that needed reconditioning
  • 15 year-old pool with cracks needed concrete paint stripping
  • Area surrounding pool area was stained with tar and paint spills
  • Cracks and pitting in pool shell needed cleaning prior to refinishing
  • Hotel indoor swimming pool resurfacing
  • Graffiti removal from interior of outdoor pool

Benefits of Soda Blasting for Swimming Pool Renovation

A major advantage of soda blasting over chemical paint stripping is that the solution is bio-degradable and gentle to the environment. It is also non-toxic and is used to clean food preparation equipment. There is very little pre-work required and you don’t have to remove chrome fixtures or rubber gaskets as you would when using sand blasting for your swimming pool renovation. Below are some of the reasons why our client chose soda blasting over chemical strippers or sand blasting:

  • No preparatory cleaning required
  • No manual scraping
  • No damage to surrounding surfaces
  • Minimal taping and masking required – safe to rubber gaskets and chrome plating
  • Cleans the toughest, deepest cracks and tiniest corners
  • No hazardous conditions to surroundings – non-toxic, food grade solution
  • 100 percent environmentally safe, non-toxic and completely biodegradable
  • Mobile sand blasting teams provide fast turnaround