Wet Blasting Services Sydney

Wet Blasting Services Sydney - Steel Preparation

When Do You Need Wet Blasting?

The correct surface preparation is indispensable regarding the success of any kind of protective coating or bonding process. Hence, the significance of getting rid of surface contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, old coatings, residues and oxidation cannot be overemphasized. Partial or deficient removal of surface deposits on previously plated surfaces can lead to bonding or adhesion failure later. In a nutshell, final adhesion is dependent upon the initial quality of the surface preparation prior to the process of coating or bonding, and even the most advanced and expensive coating system may fail if the preparation of the surface is incorrect or inadequate. 

Leaders in Wet Blasting Technology 

Wet blasting by Sodatec is a unique surface preparation technology that utilises a three-part mixture of water, media and controlled amounts of compressed air to apply a special ‘scrubbing’ action on the surface which you want to treat. The desired result is a thorough cleanliness and surface smoothness that is never possible with traditional abrasive blasting processes. Wet blasting technology is cleaner, faster and yields better results than dry blasting. Wet abrasive blasting is also much more versatile. Whatever your industry application needs be, our professional wet blasting solutions can improve them. Count on our first-rate, consistent quality, wet-slurry liquid finishes with no abrasive embedment in the substrate. 

Expert Wet Blasting Solutions in Sydney 

Through our customised system designs, compact equipment footprints and hassle-free service, Sodatec enables you to integrate this revolutionary time-and-money saving wet abrasive process right onto your production floor. Our focus, passion and dedication have made us very good at what we do!