Equipment Cleaning Services

Equipment Cleaning with Soda Blasting

One of the many benefits of using Soda Blasting for equipment cleaning is that the media has non-abrasive properties which can be applied to lighter materials such as aluminium, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic, and fibreglass. Unlike sand blasting, soda blasting does not generate heat nor does it pit the surface of the material being cleaned.

Get down to the bare metal clean with commercial and industrial level equipment cleaning services using soda blasting technology.

Cleaning Heavy Equipment Without Heat

Just because your business uses heavy equipment doesn’t mean you want to clean it with toxic chemicals or harsh abrasives. The petro chemical industry needs to clean tankers and areas where sparks can cause explosions or fire. The same is true for distilleries, lumber mills and in or around mines. The very nature of sand blasting causes sparks.

Soda blasting is a safe and environmentally sound method for stripping grease, oil and paints from drilling rigs, tankers, and trains. In fact, you have more risk of rust settling in after stripping contaminants using sand media. The media used in soda blasting does not damage rubber, plastic, chrome or glass that may be left on the vehicle or equipment being cleaned. Here are some popular requests for equipment cleaning services using soda:

  • Reconditioning rooftop air conditioning units
  • Cleaning bitumen from road working equipment
  • Stripping antifoul off of the hulls of ships, boats and yachts
  • Paint stripping cars and tractors for refinishing
  • Removing grease, oil or cement from construction equipment
  • Stripping pitch and tar from lumber mill equipment
  • Bitumen tanker cleaning
  • Cleaning glue rollers
  • Removing graffiti, grease or paint from fiberglass
  • Cleaning oil drilling rigs
  • Refurbishing refrigeration units and freezers
  • Cleaning ink and grease from printing machines

Benefits of Soda Blasting for Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Soda blasting doesn’t require any preparation steps, pre-cleaning or scraping. In fact, you don’t need to tape off areas to protect them from the media as you must do with sand blasting or chemical dips. The soda media is environmentally safe and you won’t have issues using this in or around natural waterways. Below are additional of the benefits of soda blasting:

  • Safely remove carbon and grease from commercial ovens
  • Strip graffiti from railroad cars, buses or heavy equipment
  • Eliminate use of chemical strippers
  • No sparks, heat or fire hazards
  • Minimal need for taping or masking
  • Reduce outages and production downtime
  • Completely mobile equipment cleaning services – we come to you and your equipment
  • Clean cracks, corners and tough to reach places
  • Rubber hoses, seals and gaskets are not harmed
  • 100 Percent environmentally safe, non-toxic and completely biodegradable.