Industrial Cleaning

Non-Abrasive Industrial Cleaning Solution

Soda Blasting eliminates the need to resort to sandblasting, chemical soaking, or the use of harsh abrasive cleaning products that can damage the equipment surface structures.

Our Mobile Soda Blasting Services come to your location. No need to transport heavy equipment or to experience long outages because you have to ship equipment out for paint stripping or commercial deep cleaning.

Using the powerful combination of high pressure and soda, we can remove grease, bitumen, paint (including lead paint), and oil from steel, aluminium, ceramics, ships, railroad cars and storage tanks or containers.

Soda-Tec provides kitchen deep cleaning services designed to sanitise food preparation areas including commercial and industrial oven cleaning.

Industrial Strength Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting is an industrial paint stripping method which strips all types of paint from a wide range of materials from wood to concrete; from metal to fiberglass. It also removes grease, bitumen and oil residue without damaging the original surface of the vehicle or equipment. The bare metal surface is clean and ready for refinishing. Popular uses for soda blasting include:

  • Removing bitumen from storage tanks
  • Paint stripping metal or aluminium
  • Lead paint stripping
  • Removing graffiti from railroad cars
  • Cleaning stains and paint from concrete
  • Stripping antifoul from ships
  • De-greasing heavy equipment
  • Removing paint from bridges, railroad cars and storage containers

Benefits of Soda Blasting for Industrial Cleaning

Soda blasting is gentle to the original material and it can clean out products within tiny corners and crevices leaving the surface clean. This in is a non-toxic paint stripping solution tough enough to clean graffiti off concrete yet safe enough to use for deep cleaning kitchens and food preparation services. Some benefits of soda blasting include:

  • Prepare the surface of equipment or cars without damaging the substrate
  • Removes oil, grease, carbon deposits, from rubber seals and gaskets
  • Can be used on soft metals, glass, ceramics and rubber
  • 100 percent water soluble, non-toxic, chemical free and non-abrasive
  • Cost effective – onsite mobile soda blasting comes to you.
  • Industrial paint stripping tanks and machinery
  • Soda blasting does not create heat on impact and is applied dry
  • Remove road tar
  • Clean away concrete slurry from surfaces
  • Strip emulsions and clean pine sap