Vapour Blasting For Classic Cars

Turning Scrap to Brand New!

Vapour blasting, also known as wet blasting, is a useful technique for restoring the metal components of your car to a condition that is as good as new. Whether you are dealing with a rusty spring, a tarnished bonnet or an old, crumbling paint job, this process will help you remove it all while turning your scrappy old car into a new and improved vintage classic!

What is Vapour Blasting?

Vapour blasting is a non-aggressive blasting technique in which we use a thin film of water combined with blasting media, detergents and compressed air – a powerful fusion which helps remove dust, dirt, corrosion and old paint from a wide range of surfaces. Both soda media and water are compressed together in a pressurized pot and then pushed through the air stream using a process called slurry blasting.

Professional Vapour Blasting Services for All Your Parts

Unlike other types of blasting, vapour blasting is a much safer procedure for antique cars, as blasting is carried out at a lower pressure. Hence, there is a much lesser chance that any part of your vehicle would be harmed or damaged during the process.

There are many other benefits of using our professional vapour blasting services in the restoration and remodelling of your classic vintage cars.

  • We do not use heat, so no chance of deformation.
  • Our services are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • We provide clean, impeccable and silky satin smooth finishes.
  • No harmful chemicals are used and all items are treated with maximum care.
  • All types of rusting, oxidation, scratch marks, stains and discolouration are removed using the highest quality ceramic media and the finest blasting equipment.

Using cutting-edge technology and exceptional workmanship, Dustless Blasting Services delivers professional vapour blasting solutions to car enthusiasts throughout Sydney. We also facilitate restoration specialists of luxury cars such as Jaguar or Rolls Royce. Our certified and skilled technicians are always ready and happy to restore your old car back to life.