A house fire is traumatic to everyone involved as it damages property, destroys mementos and leaves you with high anxiety and headaches.  Even when insurance helps to rebuild the structure and replace furniture, appliances and clothing, you’re left to wonder how all the mess will ever get removed. mould

When the building’s exterior is burned leaving behind sooty bricks or wood exterior, you’ll need a solution that cleans the soot and deodorises the area.  If the fire damage is not taken care of quickly, the problem can quickly be compounded to include mould damage.  Soda Tec works side-by-side with fire restoration companies ensuring the fastest cleanup possible for fire damaged building exteriors, window glass, and sidewalks.  We can provide you with a quote for exterior fire restoration services within 24 hours.

One of the major issues involving a house fire is the soot and ash left behind staining and discolouring any all surfaces.  The longer the sooty residue from the smoke remains, the more difficult the stain and odour is to remove. If the fire was extensive, and water was used to put it out, there is also a risk of water saturation causing mold growth.

One of the benefits of using soda blasting for fire restoration is that it is very gentle on all surfaces.  Unlike sandblasting, the Soda Tec solution quickly removes stains and deodorises the damaged structure.  We do the post-cleanup, too, leaving behind the brick or wood exterior cleaned and looking as if it was brand new.

If you are a cleaning and fire restoration company seeking a partner to provide timely and reliable soda blasting for structural cleanup, give us a call at 0407 070 464 and let’s discuss how we can add value to your services.