Graffiti and Paint Removal

No Paint & No Surface Damage.

Graffiti, a common problem, is a nuisance – it devalues property, appears neglectful, and creates a hostile environment. Using safe and effective Abrasive Blasting removal methods, then, is a must. Not only does removing the graffiti deter future vandals, along with the true market value of the building is restored.

If you are planning on paying to have the vandalism removed, you want to be sure you will get pristine results that make your building look like it was never targeted in the first place. Here at Soda-Tec, we offer Soda Blasting graffiti removal in Castle Hill and across Sydney.

Dustless Blasting is a quick and cost-effective graffiti remover and the easiest way to remove paint, pen and chewing gum from concrete, sandstone, brick, glass, metal, plastic, timber and many other surfaces. Our method is a 100% environmentally safe, non-hazardous and chemical free remover that requires minimal preparation and clean-up.