Precision Cleaning for Machinery, Engines and Mechanical Parts

Soda blasting removes paint, oil and grease without sanding, soaking, scrubbing or abrasive cleaning. With minimal masking and taping required, soda blasting is environmentally safe, reduces production down-time, saves money and leaves a superior finish.

Machinery Uses

• Air conditioning
• Cooling towers
• Distilleries
• Galvanised metal, glass and ceramics
• Hazardous areas – where sparks and naked flames can be fatal
• Manufacturing plants
• Mills
• Mining and transport
• Petrochemical
• Printing
• Refrigeration

Benefits of Soda Blasting

• Removes paint, oil, grease, baked on carbon, graffiti, concrete slurry, road grime, tarnishing, glue, bitumen, emulsion and many other contaminants from many surfaces
• Eliminates the need for sandblasting, soaking, scrubbing and abrasive cleaning
• Saves time and money – quick and efficient with minimal preparation or clean-up required
• Drastically reduces production downtime
• Unlike sandblasting, masking and taping is minimal
• Does not cause sparks when contact is made with any surface
• Completely mobile – we come to you and your machinery!
• 100 Percent environmentally safe, non-toxic and completely biodegradable
• Cleans in hard to reach places
• Does not harm seals, bearings, gaskets, glass or metals