Vapour Blasting Services Sydney

Vapour Blasting Services Sydney - Soda-Tec

What is Vapor Blasting and How Does it Work?

Vapor blasting is increasingly becoming a preferred technique of surface refinishing process for unique applications that need premium quality surface finish. Using a balanced combination of water, detergents and compressed air, vapor blasting helps remove oxidization and corrosion, thus restoring all types of metal components, parts and castings back to their original condition. The process then seals the pores of the metal, which can range from copper to aluminum to bronze to brass, leading to a glossier and more level surface. 

Outstanding Vapor Blasting Solutions for All Your Parts

Professional vapor blasting services by [company name] starts with a discussion about your surface preparation requirements, followed by a proposed processing method by our experienced and qualified technicians. As pioneers in vapor blasting service providers in Sydney, we are committed to forge strong and long-lasting relationships with all our clients. With short lead times, valuable processing recommendations and a cooperative staff to assist you in each and every step, we are counted among the leading vapor blasting companies in Sydney. 

You Can Count on Us!

Perhaps you need to renew the finish on your motorcycle components, or you want oxide and discoloration to be gently removed from the chassis parts, leaving a lustrously fine finish afterwards? Vapor blasting may be the perfect solution you are looking for to make your motorbike parts look new again. Using the most advanced vapor blasting equipment in Sydney, we produce the finest end product, and a better bottom line.