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Aqua Blasting Services Sydney - Sodatec

Aqua Blasting Cleaning Solutions

Wet blasting or vapor blasting, better known as aqua blasting, is a proven cleaning solution for the surface preparation of a range of metal alloys.

The technique of aqua blasting is commonly applied in the gentle cleaning of:

  • Crank cases and gearboxes;
  • Blocks, carbs and cylinder heads;
  • Barrels, brackets and side covers;
  • Engine components, motorbike wheel hubs and parts. 

Aqua blasting is a unique process suitable for a variety of metals including titanium, aluminum, magnesium, bronze, brass and copper. 

Top-quality Aqua Blasting Services in Sydney

Looking for a professional way to clean your metal components? Look no further! With more than 20 years of experience, Sodatec is proud to offer a wide and deep range of surface enhancement aqua blasting services to cater to the growing demands of our customers in Sydney. 

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Our facility in Sydney is fully equipped with an aqua blaster as well as a bead blaster. With countless successful aqua blasting projects under our belt, we are confident of quickly and optimally restoring your metal part to its original glory regardless of its size or nature. Some of the common components we aqua clean include:

Motorbike parts: Engine pots, cylinder heads, crankcases, exhausts, forks, yokes, wheels and frames. 

Car parts: Cylinder heads, master cylinders, wheels, brake drums and vintage parts. 

Marine parts: Deck fittings, propellers, anchors, rudders and outboard parts.