Mobile Abrasive Blasting Sydney NSW - Soda Tec

Soda Tec delivers a safe and extremely effective way for large surface preparation task that you might have thought was physically impossible.

Using Abrasive Blasting Methods we remove anything using state of the art Abrasive Blasting equipment that delivers results like you have never seen before.

Our Surface Restoration process is environmentally safe because we don’t need toxic chemicals to help with the stripping process. Our advanced equipment is specifically designed to help those needing to remove large volumes of rust, strip unwanted paint, and stubborn hard to remove stains from any surface material no matter how delicate or intricate the object may seam.

Our Abrasive Blasting Service is environmentally friendly and we come to you so you don’t need to move a thing. We use no chemicals during the Abrasive Blasting process which is why so many people are becoming aware of our Mobile Surface preparation service throughout Sydney.

With no mess, or surface damage Abrasive Blasting is extremely popular for large surface areas which are too difficult to be removed by hand.

See below some of the things we can do with ease.

Graffiti – Remove unwanted Paint from Brick, Asphalt, Metal, Timber

Car Paint Removal – Abrasive Blasting strips paint fast and can do done in your front driveway without any complains.

Reclaim Concrete, Bricks and Sandstone – we help body corporates, and property owners with preparing building structures for rendering or repainting.

Heavy Grease Removal – Clean Machinery Equipment, Factory Equipment, Engine and mechanical parts is no match for Soda Tec.

Rust Removal – Abrasive Blasting remove large amounts of rust with ease. There is nothing Dustless Blasting can’t do.

Antifouling Removal – Remove unwanted coatings and sea life from timber, concrete, Fibreglass surfaces. Boat Restoration companies throughout Sydney love us..

Soda Tec won’t let you down, we are professional and have decades of experience in all industries. Call today to find out how affordable Abrasive blasting really is.

Surface Preparation - Soda Blasting

Soda Tec Surface Preparation experts, removing Painted Lines, Graffiti, Grease from surfaces such as Concrete, Fibreglass, Asphalt, Sandstone, Brick/Pavers and much more.

Affordable Surface Restorations and we will come to you with our advanced Industrial Blasting equipment for a no mess, no toxic smell experience.

The entire process is managed in the most professional way, and we believe our Surface Preparation Service is the best alternative to restore any surface back to its best possible condition.

Soda Tec specialise in concrete driveway preparations for Cover Crete, Spray Stencil or restoring the concrete surfaces back to new. We remove paint from Bricks, Organic growth from Pavers, and mold from Sandstone without affecting the mortar or substract. In every case you will be left with a complete restored surface that will look like brand new.

We welcome Home Owners, Contractors competitive prices along with a fast turnaround reliable service that you will appreciate..

If you are looking a Abrasive Blasting service in Sydney make sure you consider Soda Tec your Local leading Surface Preparation Service you can trust.