Concrete Resurfacing Using Dustless Blasting

Concrete Resurfacing Using Dustless Blasting - Soda-Tec

Transform your property by restoring your Driveway, with a new and improved modern look.

Soda Tec help with Preparing your Driveway using a powerful method called Soda Blasting, or a more popular term Dustless Blasting.

Every Concrete Resurfacing project requires correct preparation, and that’s where Soda Tec can help! Dustless Blasting is the best choice for effective surface preparation whether it’s restoring Concrete, Asphalt, and Pavers.

Dustless Blasting is powerful because it’s non toxic and affordable while giving your the best possible result available. Soda Tec help you obtain a premium performance on your Concrete surface Coatings with a comprehensive removal of grease, unwanted stains, old paint, and even cover-crete can easily be removed without damaging the original surface.

Durable Concrete Resurfacing is obtained from quality preparation which no-one seems to enjoy except us. Soda Tec have invested in advance Blasting Machinery so we are always happy to assist when needed.

Our Team specialise in;

  • Driveway Preparation
  • Removing Painted Lines and Markings from Roads
  • Pathway Cleaning

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