Mobile Abrasive Blasting Sydney

Applying protective coatings and paints is the easy part, the removal phase is where things get tough and extremely messy.

What is the fastest and easiest way for large surface areas to be restored you ask?

Abrasive Blasting!

Abrasive Blasting is a heavy industrial process that uses pressurised media specifically designed for removing Rust, Paint, Stains, Grease from a particular surface without damaging the surface or delegate areas that come in close contact.

Soda Tec have invested in the lasted Abrasive Blasting equipment which makes their service mobile, so you don’t have to move a thing. Our Abrasive Blasting operator literally restore any object large of small in your front yard without any environmental complaints.

The process is Eco Friendly with no chemicals required throughout the Abrasive Blasting process. Abrasive Blasting is extremely popular for large surface areas which are too difficult to be removed by hand. 

Abrasive Blasting removes Paint plus so much more;

Graffiti Removal – Remove unwanted Graffiti Paint from Brick, Asphalt, Metal, Timber, no surface damage guaranteed.

Car Paint Removal – Abrasive Blasting is perfect for vehicle restorations, as it strips paint fast and easy onsite.

Remove paint from Concrete, Bricks and Sandstone – Abrasive Blasting can prepare or restore building structures for rendering or repainting. It has also become very popular for Concrete resurfacing companies to obtain the perfect resurfacing finish.

Oil, Grease Removal – Abrasive Blasting can be delicate enough just to clean Heavy grease and grime from Machinery Equipment, Factory Equipment, Engine and mechanical parts.

Soda Blasting Cleaning – Clean up Fire Smoke and Soot damage, Remove Odours and mould, Flood Damage Cleaning Sydney, Public Building Soda Blasting, Food Preparation Equipment Cleaning, Building and Construction Dustless Blasting.

Rust Removal – Abrasive Blasting remove Rust effortlessly, Items such as Classic Cars, Metal Tanks, Heavy Machinery, and Large Metal structures is not problems for us.

Antifouling Removal – Abrasive Blasting works really well on Boats, Yachts and Marine Equipment. Soda Tec help with Hull Preparation, and Boat Restorations throughout Sydney.

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